Witch Hunt Characters

Witch Hunt was a ten week project to create the first level of the game.

My first task within the project was to create the concept art for Witch Hunt.

First I worked on the main Character Jacky. Below are a few of my initial designs.

jackie concepts

Then I created the final concept and turnaround for the character.


Then I moved on to modeling the character.

Here are the textures for the model.


Next I moved on to the pick  ups called  Will-o-wisp. These creatures are Jacky’s familiar. They were placed through out the level to serve as a health pick-up.  These were the first designs for the creature.


Next I worked on the turn around and final concept.


Here is the final 3D model.

After this, I began to work on the final boss. The story behind the final boss was they were originally a witch like Jacky, but a curse transformed them into a scarecrow. Here is what the character looked like before they were cursed.


There was not a need to create a 3D model of the characters original form, however they did appear in the beginning and ending cut-scene. This is the boss form of the character.


Here is the 3D model of the boss.



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